Newest Albums Added

The Holophonics
St. Petersburg ska-jazz review
Leftover Bowlskis
Susan Cadogan
Hollie Cook
The Fuss
The Funaddicts
Battle-Ska Galactica
The Upbeat
The Skarsoles
Less Than Jake
The Skarsoles
The Abruptors
The Uniques
What Do You Know About Ska Punk ?
The Big Takeover
Moonhead Project
Freedom Fries
The Sentiments
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2017 Albums

Here you can find a list of many of the new ska albums added to the station's playlist. Sorry there is not a full review accompanying each listing but I do not have the time, I am lucky to just keep this list updated. Also, instead of picking apart someone's album song by song, I recommend just checking it out samples on Amazon or Itunes or put in a request.

2017 Album Updates 


Saucyhorn - Calfone Special (2017)



The Holophonics - MaSKArades Vol. X: Video Games (2017)


St. Petersburg ska-jazz review - Monochrome Memories (2015)


Leftover Bowlskis - Good Trip, Bad Vibes (2017)


Susan Cadogan - Truth Talkin' (single) 2017


Hollie Cook - Superstar (single) 2017



The Fuss - We're Going Out / Dangerous Love (Single) 2017

The Funaddicts - WHat's The Rush ? (2017)



Battle-Ska Galactica - Everybody's Got An Opinion(2012)


The Upbeat - Shuku (2010)



The Skarsoles - Wake Up Rise Up (2017)


Less Than Jake - Sound The Alarm (2017)


The Abruptors - Wait & See (Single 2017)


The Uniques - Absolutely Rocksteady (2010)




The Big Takeover - Silly Girl (2017)


Moonhead Project - On The Dancefloor / Sydämeni Hullu(Single 2017)


Freedom Fries -  Side A (2016)


 What Do You Know About Ska Punk ? - Vol 1 (2016)

Massive Comp album featuring about 130 songs, at just $5 it's a great way to find some new bands.