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The Kingpins
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The OzSkas
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El Golpe Ska
Half Past Two
Dr. Ring Ding W/ Ska Beat City
VA- For The Love (of ska punk) Vol 3
The Holophonics
Danny Rebel & The KGB
Doreen Shaffer & The Steadytones
Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics
The Holophonics
St. Petersburg ska-jazz review
Leftover Bowlskis
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Bob's SKA Videos


Here you can find a sampling of the videos I like best, made by me, Ska Bob, of our local Seattle area bands and a few National Acts.

For the entire list of videos look at my youtube page.



Note: Feb 2016 - Many video links not working at this time after website update. You can find them on my youtube page



The Aggrolites: Dirty Reggae from LA

Hawthorne Theater, Portland OR March 9 2012


Bad Manners: Great live 2tone from the UK, over 30 years strong.

ElCorzon Seattle - May 18 2011

Be Like Max - Ska / Punk from Vegas
Real Art Tacoma Nov 2015


Bumpin' Uglies: Reggae/Rock from Annapolis, MD

Elcorazon, Seattle, WA Oct 11 2012


Chris Murray: from a one man band, to 3 person combo or as front man for King Apparatus everyone should know this guy.

Studio 7 SKAfest 2009

Seattle SKAfest 2/26 & 27 2010

Seattle SKAfest March 4 2011

Seattle Skafest Feb 2012- Day 1

Seattle Skafest Feb 2012- Day 2

With The Original Middle Age Ska Enjoy Club Jan 26 2013  


Dubcar: According to their webpage, a vehicle for the delivery of dub

Seattle Skafest Feb 2012


The Diablotones: A Seattle band very active in the 90's. If you have never seen them they have a punkhard core sound maybe near The Voodoo Glow Skulls (who they have opened for many times). Reformed in about 2006 and still going strong in their new life.

Folklife Festival 2009

Seattle SKAfest March 4 2011

Studio 7 Feb 2011

20th Aviversery Dec 2015 


Easy Big Fella: An all time great ska band from Seattle, toured internationally in the 90's & former Moon ska label artist.

Club Motor March 4 2011 - Long awaited Seattle reunion show @ Seattle Skafest
Elcorazon Jan 28 2014

The Easy In- Great new band from California
At Mirkwood in Arlington, WA. June 20 2015

Get Down Moses : Although they did have a brief stint with a small horn section, this garage reggae rock group has a few members from the Georgetown Orbits.

Seattle Drum School 2007

SKAfest Seattle, WA 2009

Studio 7 Seattle, WA Sept 2010


The Georgetown Orbits: Your Seattle-Jamaican connection. Anyone growing tired of todays mostly pop-ska-punk sound will find this traditional band great to come out and dance the ska with.

Folklife Festival Seattle, WA 2009

Folklife Festival Seattle, WA 2008

SKAfest Seattle, WA 2009

Folklife Festival May 2011

Skamicon Arlington, WA Oct 2011

Plan B, Portland OR, Jan 2012

Nectar Lounge Seattle, WA April 2012

Mt. Tabor Theater Portland,OR Jan 26 2013

El Corazon Seattle, WA April 18 2013 

LoFi Seattle Sept 19. 2013

Columbia City Theater Seattle, WA Jan 11, 2014


Gigantor -  Seattle area band fronted by Lynval Golding of The Specials, backed by members of past excellent Seattle bands like Tiny Hat Orchestra and Stiff Upper Lip.

Columbia City Theater Sept 20, 2014 



The Holophonics - From Denton, TX. Best know for their all ska cover albums they have excellent original material as well.

Mirkwood, Arlington WA July 26 2014

Real Art Tacoma Oct 18, 2015


The Israelites: Holding down traditional ska and skinhead reggae with positive messages for over 20 years. Now based in Portland OR.

SeattleSKAfest 2/26 & 27 2010


Ideal Green: Island reggae sound

Skafest 2009


It Get Worse - actually they are not bad

Oct 2015 at Real Art Tacoma


Keyser Soza: A smooth sounding ska & reggae group from Reno NV.

SeattleSKAfest 2/26 & 27 2010


Lurk Nasty: A young band from Puyallup,WA.

SeattleSKAfest 2/26 & 27 2010


The Longshots: Great up and coming band from Eugene, OR who just put out their first EP.

Seattle Skafest Feb 2012

Hawthorne Theater, Portland OR Sept 1st 2012  

Columbia City Theater Seattle Jan 11 2014


The Mike Pinto Band: Reggae/rock/ska

Hawthorne Theater, Portland OR March 9 2012


Monkey: From CA, billed as the hardest working band on the West Coast have just released an excellent album.

SKA is dead 4 tour Studio 7, Seattle 2009


Moon: Great Seattle band keeping the 2Tone sound alive

El Corazon Sept 20 2010

Folklife Festival May 2011

Seattle Skafest Feb 2012


Mrs. Skannotto: From Rochester, NY

Elcorazon Seattle, WA Feb 01 2013


Natalie Wouldn't: Introduced sometimes as your local Seattle SKA band, they take roots from Easy Big Fella among other places.

Folklife Festival 2008

Folklife Festival 2009

SKAfest 2009

Seattle Skafest @ Club Motor 2011

Seattle Skafest Feb 2012
Real Art Tacoma Oct 2015


Nigal Mustafa: The ska version of Weezer meets Saturday Night Fever

ElCorazon Seattle, WA Feb 01 2013


Northwest Sons: A great reggae/rock group from here in Seattle. They just released their first full studio album and it's great. Sit back, turn it up and enjoy your favorite method of relaxation. Dropping it old style tonight with an acoustic set.

Studio 7 Sept 30 2010


Original Middle Age Ska Enjoy Club: Excellent newer band from the Portland, Oregon area. Holding it down with the traditional style.

Plan B, Portland OR, Jan 2012

Hawthorne Theater, Portland OR, March 2012

Mt. Tabor Theater Jan 26 2013 

Alhambra Theater  Feb 01 2014

Alhambra Theater  Jan 24 2015


Passafire: All the way up from Georgia this is another excellent reggae/rock group.

Studio 7 Sept 30 2010



The Reputations: New Seattle band bringing traditional skinhead reggae to the house.

El Corazon Seattle, WA April 18 2013  

LoFi Seattle Sept 20,2013 



Reggae On The Rocks: Great reggae band, covering rock songs. From Vancouver, BC.

Seattle Skafest Arlington, WA Feb 2012


Rude Tuna: From Seattle area, they have a great sound and these videos can't capture all the energy at their show.

El Corazon Seattle, WA 2009

Studio 7 June 11 2010 (cd release show)

May 2011

Studio 7 June 29 2013


Trutones: Out of Bellingham WA ( an hour or two North of Seattle) they started playing around 2005, took a break in 2008 , reformed then broke up again.

Studio 7 Seattle, WA 2007

El Corazon  Seattle, WA 2009

Seattle SKAfest 2/26 & 27 2010


Tomorrows Bad Seeds: Up from California on tour this reggae/rock band has a great style mixing this fast with the slow from song to song to keep it changed up.

Studio 7 Seattle, WA Sept 30 2010


The Seattlites: Traditional big ska band

Oct 15th 2015 at The Royal Room


Skalami: Formed in Idaho in 1998, broken up around 2002, back skankin in 2009.

Folklife Festival Seattle,WA  2009

Seattle SKAfest 2/26 & 27 2010


Skautomatic Weppons: Ska from Oak Harbor, WA

Studio 7 Seattle WA, Aug 17 2012


Skaffee Cup: From Seattle, recently broke up due to members going away to college.

Studio Seven Seattle - Aug 17 2012


The Skatalites: The one and only, almost 50 years strong.

Nectar Lounge, Settle, WA April 24 2012


The Skatomatics: From great Canada land

SKAfest in Seattle 2009


The Sentiments: Excellent traditional ska & rocksteady band from Portland, OR. Featuring a very experienced cast of musicians from past Northwest bands, including DJ Simmerdown (Host-Rude Boys Revenge & Coffee Hour on KPSU) on drums.

Plan B, Portland OR, Jan 2012

Hawthorne Theater, Portland OR March 9 2012

Hawthorne Theater, Portland OR Sept 1st 9 2012  

Mt. Tabor Theater Jan 26 2013

Alhambra Theater Feb 01 2014 


Suburban Legends: One of the most entertaining bands to watch, great danceable 3rd wave from California.

El Corazon July 09 2013


The Toasters: Long time New York SKA Legends

Studio 7 Seattle, WA Feb 7th 2011 - On their 30th Anniversary tour

Seattle Skafest Elcorazon Feb 01 2013  


The Skablins: High energy danceable band from Arlington, WA. For fans of bands like Catch 22, Streetlight, Less Than Jake.

Seattle SKAfest 2/26 & 27 2010

Seattle SKAfest March 4 2011

Skamicon Oct 2011

Seattle Skafest Elcorazon Feb 2012

Studio 7 June 29 2013 (entire set)

Seattle Folklife Festival May 23rd, 2014

Highline Oct 30th 2015


The Skarate Kids: New ska/punk band from Arlington, WA. Featuring several members from other local bands.

Studio 7, Dec 2011

Seattle Skafest Feb 2012


The Suppressors: From Fresno, CA, after some time off reformed with a new lineup and sounding great.

Lo-Fi Seattle Sept 19, 2013

Columbia City Theater Sept 20 2014




The Valuables : A great ska, rocksteady & soul band from Canada.

Valley Green: Reggae/Rock from Covington, WA

Elcorazon, Seattle, WA Oct 11 2012

Elcorazon, Seattle, WA @ Skafest Feb 01 2013 

Louie G's Tacoma, WA Jan 03 2014